ATO Tax Debt

Have a tax debt that is stressing you?

Don’t ignore the ATO tax debt, ask about your options?

During your consultation we explain the ATO’s process and steps they will take:

  • Our expert consultants provide assistance and discuss how to manage your debt or if you cannot service it, your options and;
  • Provide you with the confidence, once appointed, that it’s highly unlikely, this will happen

Since 2015 the ATO have hardened their legal approach on outstanding debts and recent amendments to the Act suggests that this will only get worse in the future.
The ATO announced that Medium Enterprise debt is exceeding $18 Billion.

For this government or any government, for that matter, promising to reduce the budget deficit can only be done by way of instructing the ATO to make collection a priority in the future.

The ATO has been winding up companies and in the last 12 months to December 2019 wound up more companies than in the previous 3 years and are continuing to wind up companies at an average over 80 companies a week Nationally.

When the tax debt has become unmanageable and you acknowledge that you must address it, we can provide you with the options and assistance required to deal with  it and if required introduce you to bankruptcy trustees and liquidators.

As professionals in our field the conversations we have with third parties on your behalf are very different than those you would have. In fact, when we say we represent you the third parties are confident that we can assist and provide all the required documentation to conclude your matter without them having to investigate the circumstances that caused the difficulties.

Please note that everything you disclose is strictly confidential and that once you become a client only the file manager appointed has access to your file and the contents.