Business Mentoring

Do you want to know that your clients are satisfied with your service?

Let us ask them the question then mentor you in what your clients expectations of you are.

Business mentoring is sometimes considered to be coaching, but that’s not case with us, our mentoring programme takes on many forms and is designed to assist business owners run their operations at the next level. Our experience tells us that once an independent party contacts our client, various things are raised that they would not raise with their supplier, however once they hear that your business is now focused on relationship and that our engagement is specifically¬† designed to make sure that all expectations of the business meet with the expectation of the clients, continuity of business will improve and its then our job to assist you get referrals from existing clients.

Our approach to you is not formal, our task is review sales growth against pre¬≠ determined projection, review any warranty claims, replacement claims, refunds and quality of work given to clients. The only way to improve a business turnover is to identify problems and address them via client’s input.

This process then allows us to recommend business changes that once undertaken, the changes implemented will show results in a very short period.