Selling a Business

Thinking of Selling a Business?

When considering the sale of your business, you accept that the buyer has the right to carry out investigations into your business activities, the right to request the past 3 years financials and work within the business for a time to satisfy themselves that what you say about the trading is accurate.

The difference when using Abbott Adams as your accountants and turnaround advisors, includes us taking into consideration, everything with the sale of our client’s business. Therefore all services provided by our group are utilised from the day we get appointed to provide services, especially the mentoring we provide to you and your business each and every day in order to maximize the sale price when that time comes.

Many accounting firms use historical data to determine the likely sale price of a business. However, our cash flow and financial management plans combined with historical spreadsheets will increase the sale price considerably, especially if the buyer can utilise project forward, they can easily see when they will get a return on their investment.

We respect that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are and naturally you want the best price for your business, that’s why we take great care to understand your business and take pride in knowing as much about your business as you do, therefore when it comes to selling the business we are available to discuss the sale with buyers and their advisors.