ASIC Reporting obligations

As a company director your obligation is to keep the ASIC website updated

Namely changes in address and that each year you lodge the solvency report.

To avoid ASIC communicating with you directly we register as your agent so that any enquiry comes to us first.

As you would know an annual fee payment is required to keep the company registered. The other requirements you have as a company director are as follows;

  • You must not fail to keep accurate and up to date financial
  • You must maintain annual tax returns and sign off on the solvency
  • Failure to pay your creditors when they fall due will be seen as trading while knowingly

Not complying with any of the above can lead to the company being de-registered or wound up. To avoid this occurring, we have inhouse Accounting, Book-keeping and Solvency Consultants monitoring and mentoring our clients.

As well as the above divisions in house we have a Promotions division that provides clients with:

  • As agents our automated software online, ensures all information is up to date and acted upon within the required timeframe, be it ASIC returns or enquiries by third parties such as the
  • Our detailed mail in register goes out to each appointed file manager daily so that the Promotions team can follow up with clients and provide support using the above
  • If there is a problem, then each client is given access to our senior professionals who keep you updated on how the matter is being dealt with and what may be required of