Business Structures

Business Structures, that work

An effective structure is one that provides Strategies, Solutions, Sustainability and includes financial and taxation strategy, thus ensuring you have a totally transparent trading structure, that if looked at by third parties will stand the test.

There are many types of business structures, therefore the most common question asked is “what business structures should I use?”

When considering a structure, it is important to ask an accountant what is the most tax effective structure and can he include asset protection, because businesses needs change over time and changes to legislation. It is critical that the correct structure is designed to provide long-term security.

Once we understand your long-term goals and current asset position, we will be able to recommend with confidence the best structure to meet your goals and protect your assets.

Before going into business or even starting to think about making changes to an existing  business structure it is critical that you seek assistance  in putting into place a totally transparent structure that gives you peace of mind and confidence to get on with what you do best:

Structures that cause difficulties;

  • Sole traders exposing personal assets and potential
  • Partnerships that don’t offer any tax benefits and could end up in
  • Potential to be liable for Unplanned and excessive individual tax bills
  • Unnecessary stress and exposure to liabilities

We’ve helped many businesses owners, who due to circumstances beyond their control, have found themselves exposed to liabilities, potential losses and many more that due to legislative changes or changes in their personal circumstances have been exposed to liabilities.