Consultation Process

During the Consultation

1.  Initial Consultation

Every client is required to complete the profile questionnaire, from which we gain an understanding of all relevant circumstances before the senior consultants can assist with strategies.

2.  Options we offer to assist are;

Do all things available to avoid liquidation or bankruptcy. This may include turnaround and cashflow management strategies, informal debt settlements, restructuring and other solutions that provide sustainability for the future.

3.  Discuss the Action plan and Schematic

Once we are confident the client understands their options, the client is provided with a scope of works that allows the client to make an informed decision on the best course of action.

4.  Implement Solutions

Once we are engaged, we will work with you to implement strategies detailed in the scope of works, so that the client’s anticipation is only what is noted in the scope of works. Should there be the need for bankruptcy or the appointment of a liquidator then we will arrange the appointment of bankruptcy trustee and or liquidator.