Why Choose Us

Why Choose Abbott Adams Group?

Two people, two chairs and time – “Problem solved”

By using our group services your business can operate with certainty and you will know the financial health is stable and predictable.

All business owners understand the importance of having their business financial affairs “in order” and predictable. Unfortunately the business owners we have had dealings with have not been provided with the duty of care from the professional advisors thus no confidence that sustainability is built into their business.

Some things that truly do set us apart from others include:

  • Our pro-activity keeps you informed and updated. You can be assured if you call us we will call you back.
  • Once we become your ATO and ASIC agents we keep you update about legislative changes and if anything has been noted on ASIC or ATO web-sites that could impact on your business.
  • Our 30 years’ experience in turnaround of businesses also extends to proven success in building strategies and solutions.
  • Fix fee services – NO surprises.
  • You as client are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Outcome dedicated – we help you to achieve your preferred outcomes
  • Genuine Assistance no matter the task presented us
  • Our inhouse protocols and procedures means high quality work

The group’s Core Values

Our commitment is to not only our clients, we will:

  • Always act with integrity and in the highest standards of the profession services when dealing with our Affiliates, Partnering Businesses and above all else;
  • Work with clients to create excellent ongoing relationship.
  • Provide fairness and understanding in our dealings.
  • Challenge the status quo and pursue the best outcomes.
  • Give and expect honesty from everyone we are dealings with.

We will never waiver from achieving the best outcome for our clients, however this can only be achieved by clients accepting that you must do as we say from the beginning as that will save us both valuable time.