What our clients have to say about our work


I love being a client of the Abbott Adams group because I know I can get helpful feedback, encouragement and it's a place that I feel safe to share my concerns, feeling and goals. The team at Abbott Adams, have always been a big help, you truly care about everyone's success. They not only believed in me when no one else did, but they undertook to assist me even knowing my head was in the wrong place. “thank you”!


The Abbott Adams team, is just the right kind of support I need to keep moving forward in my business. The Team offer new perspectives, great insights and endless encouragement. The Abbott Adams file mangers are the anchor who always brings me back to staying on track and thinking long term. The brilliant concepts and strategies are and a great value and are providing sustainability.


 I have found that I can count on Abbott Adams and all the team for the encouragement and cheerleading I need to get through the more challenging aspects of rebuilding my business. I look forward to hearing from the Promotions team about what my clients think I have accomplished for them. I also know that there is always a listening ear available to me, and I take great comfort in that.


I love Abbott Adams total focus on listening to and responding to our questions and concerns. They always come from a place of understanding and service. When 1 have a question about something, I can bring it to the next SAC call and receive valuable feedback, guidance, and support.


If you're looking for help growing your business, and you want someone who is brilliant, systematic and relatable, then you're in great hands with the team at Abbott Adams. One of the things that distinguishes them from other coaches is that they have an amazing balance between the creative and the strategic. The Promotions and Turnaround guys will help you think outside of the box and then break things down into actionable steps so you get results.

Keith & Team

The guys in the Turnaround team have an amazing ability to get straight to the heart of the problem and provided strategies to clients that work. It was amazing watching them determine how to resolve the difficulty, explain it and make me go beyond my comfort zone, which ended up creating amazing breakthrough moments. You can always count on the team to share straight forward insights, which are easily missed by others, then find the shortest path to a solution. I found each divisional team truly cared for her clients! I love the fact that the whole team is cohesive in their approach, it's not often that professionals are willing to be so transparent with clients and serve them at the highest level of integrity


When I first started working with the Promotions team. I was overwhelmed and burnt-out. I was working 14-hour work days and my business was taking over my life. The team helped me go from dollars per hour to services sold at the right price. The team helped me clarify my niche market, create my one on one client contact which resulted in referrals. Since working with the divisional teams of Abbott Adams, I have already started getting client referrals and improved on my relationships with my clients. The Promotions team are very caring; this is evident in every conversation and email exchange that I have with them. The Abbott Adams teams are very giving with their resources and have an amazing talent of taking my ideas, goals and simplifying them into manageable action steps.  I highly recommend Abbott Adams to anyone who is looking for a team who cares!

Angelo & Group

Angelo & Group

Working with Abbott Adams has been invaluable, they are highly skilled at developing my ability to look at my business with both a telescopic and a microscopic lens. They are brilliant at creating programs, they make sure my vision of a program remains tied to the bigger strategic picture. The Abbott Adams file managers appointed to assist me have also cut through all the information swirling in my head, to help me zero in on the strategies that would be the most advantageous for me at each stage of the turnaround strategies.

Wallace Group

Wallace Group

I attended the offices of Abbott Adams to be told, I was all over the place, I was too vague and too broad in my thinking and expectation of interstate branches. The team at Abbott Adams helped me not only narrow my niche but understand to who I’m talking to and package my offering in a way that is appealing to my clients. The appointed file manager from Abbott Adams provided after hours, private calls that helped me get clarity over so many aspects of my business. I achieved more from being associated as client with Abbott Adams. I have been in business 20 years and with the same accountants and business advisors for the same time, but can say that within 3 weeks, of signed up as a client, I have learned more about my business and an confident that I understand my business more than.

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